Pizza Restaurant on The Moon? Want to try?

Different ways of doing product promotional marketing with the purpose of attracting the attention of consumers to buy it, the media are available in various places and of course the internet is a medium that is full of challenges.

A food product tries to give a message communicated to their customers by opening a pizza restaurant on the Moon, wooww! What message to be conveyed by the pizza makers to their customers? Instilling a distinguishing idea, unique selling proposition (USP), an image in the minds of prospective buyers, a brand that conveys a special message about the culinary products originating from Italy that became the world culinary.

Pizza Hut tried to give a message to their customers, they've already sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2001, apparently the idea was deemed not spectacular, Domino's Pizza of Japan, take a leap of ideas by building the first pizza restaurant in the Moon.

They received support from a Japanese construction company, Maeda Corporation where the restaurant will be built with a dome shape and made of steel that is engineered from the minerals on the Moon.

A spectacular restaurant with a total cost reached approximately $21.7 billion transported with 15 pieces rocket into space, two-story domed building and a diameter of 26 meters. In the basement will be built as a kitchen to prepare pizza for consumers.

It seems travel plans to outer space is no longer a mere dream after space balloon plan proposed by Jose Mariano Lopez Urdiales, a businessman from Spain and hotels in outer space planned by Sergei Kostenko, of Orbital Technologies companies from Russia, and now Domino’s Pizza restaurant will further complement the ideals of this space travel. Great!

While enjoying the beauty of the curvature of the earth, the sun rises in the distant horizon, we can order pizza through the "delivery on demand", as said by Tomohide Matsunaga of Domino's Pizza, was quoted by The Daily Telegraph, Thursday, September 1, 2011, "We are planning a year ago as an effort to anticipate the future, where the astronauts and the public can stay on the Moon," he said.

A great plan from different points of view, especially in terms of marketing, although probably not be realized in the near future, we will wait to experience this unforgettable culinary tour. Soon!

(Source Kompas /Images CC)


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