Delicious Fried Gurami Mango Flavor in the Countryside Atmosphere of "Talaga Sampireun"

Looking for a traditional cuisine in a big city would not be difficult because there are a variety of options to suit individual tastes, but if you enjoy it in a countryside away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, of course, it will give a different aura.

Becomes special when traditional food tasting in the midst of a typical village atmosphere in the Sunda Parahyangan, Bintaro region, South Tangerang near Jakarta. We carry over in a rustic setting with a variety of specialties Parahyangan located on the banks of an artificial lake, the sound of water and the faint strains of traditional gamelan music and for special occasions there is the Jaipongan traditional dance.

Special menu fried gurami with mango flavored seasoning salt and fried crispy served in small pieces of crunchy. On top of it sprinkled with a long thin slices of young mango and onions.

Red chili and green chili sliced crosswise, plus slices of peppers, spices complement the carp, the fish and their young mango slices, peppers, onions, and red pepper sauce that tastes sweet. Fried meat carp was tasty mixed with sour mango pink or red wine sauce and the sweetness of carp like dancing on the tongue, inviting endless appetite when eating it.

In addition to the menu of fried carp flavoring mango, other options available such as rica-rica tilapia (fried tilapia fish with green sauce), honey roasted tiger prawns, shrimp stir-fried bananas, steamed crabs, soft-shelled crab shrimp paste, soy sauce and grilled squid. Equipped with a Pasundan eggplant vegetable, pencok beans, stir-fried papaya flower, karedok, or creeping water-plant (kangkung vegetables).

If you want a little spicy, then add the basil sauce, geledek, or terasi crushed red pepper that seemed to bite our tongue, wooww....

Drinks were very delicious, a glass of soursop ice, Borneo lime, Dutch eggplant, or kedondong juice.

A fascinating culinary journey with the family lesehan (sitting) at the saung (the farmer hut) in the lake, insert foot into the waters of the lake with goldfish and koi fish swim back and forth, give an entertainment to see the fish swimming there.

As the motto of this resto is to provide an atmosphere that contradicts with the big city atmosphere. Cool, comfortable, relaxed, eliminates the body fatigue.

Visit in during the afternoon and early evening, relaxing in the middle of the lake in the moonlight and the dim lights, torches, and candles all around, the warm romantic atmosphere.

(Source Facebook Fan Pages /Images Talaga Sampireun)


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