September 11th Memorial in New York opened to the public, a Dark Tourism

Beverly Eckert watching television news about the four commercial airliners that hit the World Trade Center (WTC), New York, she felt anxious knowing her husband worked there, and then the telephone rang. From her husband!

She had felt happy to hear her husband, Sean Rooney, at around 09.30am and assumed her husband had escaped from his office in the Twin Towers. But then her husband said that he was on the 105th Floor, and she soon realized that her husband will not back home.

They still had time to converse briefly, her husband whispered, "I love you," repeatedly. There was a burst of sound, the building collapsed, "I kept calling his name. No answer. Telephone connection disconnected. I slumped on the floor of the house clutching a phone in my arms," said Beverly.

One of the sad story that is remembered in the event of death 9/11 attacks ten years ago.

Now the memories of victims in a tangible monument, September 11th Memorial, is open to the general public on Monday, 12, 2011, ten years and a day after the terrorist attacks in New York City, USA.

A quiet place with the main center are two ponds made of granite which water flowed like a fountain, built right at the former twin towers of the WTC.

There is a panel from the bronze bearing about 3000 names of people who died during the tragedy of 2001 in New York, Washington, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, as well as the names of the victims in 1993. WTC previously also been the target of a terrorist bomb in 1993.

Visitors who come to the place was very impressed and gained its own aura, they felt a chill when looking at the two ponds, as if the twin towers building of the WTC was still standing there.

A tree that still grows hang in there, "Survivor Tree" is a tree that survived among the ruins and the remains were treated in order to grow steadily into the limelight.

Tourists who visit this place always made time to see first hand the location of ground zero (the name for the site of the former WTC), a mandatory tourist attraction to visit while in New York City, of course, in addition to visiting Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.

Indeed since the incident, as written on the site quoting AP news agency, Lower Manhattan has attracted 50 million tourists every year. Of the total amount, 9 million tourists visited ground zero.

Deep sorrow for the United States and the world, but then the place became a tourist destination location, a term known in the world tour called thanatourism or dark tourism. Tourism objects associated with death from violence.

We hope events like this never happen again, anywhere in the world. Terrorism is never have its place in human life.

(Source Kompas, AP, CNN /Images NYTravelGuide)


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