1000 Cats in "Cat House on The Kings"

Are you an animal lover, or more specifically a fan of cats? If the answer is 'Yes', then you can go through immediately get into a house in Fresno, California. Cat House on The Kings, thus the name of the house.

Occupants of course the cats of all ages and large and small sizes, young and old, you will be satisfied to see these cats in the house.

Homeowners are Lynea Lattazio, a woman, she began to keep the cat since 1981, there were more than 800 adult cats, 100 deposit cat, and 100 kittens, she assisted by 23 staff to care for her cats.

If not an animal lover, would say all this crazy action, but she said she was not insane, this action may only be categorized as insane.

"I'm not crazy, but what I did was crazy," she said.

What can be said about her action when for all the cats at home, she must pay for maintenance, buying food and medicine that reach 40,260 USD per month?

Sure, if you're an animal lover!

Mrs. Lattazio must pursue all her energy and attention so that all cats be well taken care of, she also holds the cats are not maintained well in the streets, cats will be killed and so on. A noble action.

"The cat was independent, they are funny, and not spoiled like a dog. I really like cats," she said.

She was consistent with her choice as an animal lover, even her property, such as a diamond wedding ring and Mercedes Benz cars have been sold, for the sake of these cats.

(Source The Sun /Images halopet)


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