Walini Tea Gallery, Please Try the Real Tea of Bandung..

After most of the products of this state-owned tea plantation companies (PTPN VIII) are exported to almost all parts of the world, especially Europe and the Middle East, now they are trying to market in Indonesia, especially the city of Bandung.

This tea place was officially opened to the public on August 3, 2010 and as a gathering place for tea fans in the city and visitors who come from other nearby cities.

Where is the place to enjoy this famous local tea production? Not hard to find. They have had some cafe outlets in several locations FO (factory outlet) of Bandung, and the easiest place, of course is located in Jalan Dago 92, Bandung, West Java.

Walini Tea Gallery, is the fun place with the unique interior decoration in the cafe with a variety of tea that is inserted into the jar, the place where the Walini tea products display. The cafe is nice and perfect for relaxing, chatting over a cup of tea.

Anytime can visit this place, provided various kinds of dishes of tea, asking for hot tea or cold tea. Starting from the premium product of tea, white tea for health, tea in bottles, even if we just wanted to enjoy the ice lemon tea or the “tarik tea” (teh tarik) there, while enjoying snack, mixed meat or cheese risoles. Uuhh... Yummy!

When you come this ‘tea house’ on a quiet afternoon, this place is ideal to enjoy tea, and feel incomplete if we don’t read the books on display, ranging from the history books related to Walini tea trip, as well as reading other books.

Still another available atmosphere in the room of this casual spot, enjoyed (and if you like can buy) Parahyangan handicrafts and batik cloth in ArtShop. Everything looks great!

Drink the real tea from Bandung and enjoy the cool air of the city, in the afternoon.

(Various sources PTPN VIII /Images Penggemar Teh Walini)


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