Comfortable living in Melbourne Australia

It seems Melbourne is now become a tourist destination city which received consideration in choosing a holiday destination, why?

A survey titled “Global Liveability Survey” conducted by Global Economist Intelligence Unit has recently set the city of Melbourne, Australia as the world's best cities to live in shifting the Vancouver (Canada) who has always been in the first rank in a decade to sequence the 3rd followed by Toronto and Calgary in the order of 4 and 5.

The survey was conducted by considering the assessment of several variables, such as political and social stability, crime rates, access to quality health care, cultural events, environment, education, and infrastructure standards.

There are 140 cities in the world studied by a survey team as claimed by Jon Copstake, editor of the survey, Australia has a low population density and crime rates are relatively low with a number of cities that deserve a place to live, "Although the cost of living increases due to the strengthening Australian dollar, cities in Australia offers a variety of factors so that the cities are attractive to live in," said Jon.

Some of the most famous cities in the world, such as Vienna in second ranked, Paris is ranked 16 in the top two levels of Tokyo, Honolulu ranked 26th, Singapore in ranked 52 above London, the town that recently hit by riots and looting in early August.

Several other cities declined rank by various considerations such as the effect of austerity measures and riots, and protests to make Athens (Greek) thrown into the 67 position.

What about cities that are currently being hit by social unrest and rebellion as it does in the Middle East region? For example, take a walk along the alleys of the ancient city of Aleppo in Syria, or perhaps witnessed the beauty of the city of Tripoli, the Libyan capital, avoid the first while for the moment, now Tripoli fell to position 153 from its original position in the order of 107 and Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe to livable city that is not feasible, above the city of Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea).

There's always an alternative destination in the leisure traveler, tourists would have considered a variety of things. Does not mean then put it off.

(Sources Kompas, AFP /Images CC)


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