Adventuring in the desert with Khadafy's Mercedes Benz

When the Libyan a few years ago before the revolution hit the Middle East that started with Tunisian revolution, Egypt and the countries around it, Khadafy, former Libyan leader at the time, apparently had purchased a great vehicle that has been modified in such a way.

The vehicle type Mercedes Benz ML-Series 2008 production of 3.5 million euros worth of Khadafy’s property has been modified its entire body and glass, bulletproof and able to have the ability to reflect all electromagnetic waves is around 91.4 meters.

So passengers will feel safe from the radar, and is able to detect any missiles fired from a distance.

Moammar Khadafy has accounted for since long before all the needs of this dream vehicle, a vehicle belonging to the category Sport utility vehicle (SUV) was designed to be free from interference from the electric field around it. To facilitate coordination, Khadafy also asked for interior communication systems equipped with the latest and highly sophisticated.

In 2007, when Libyan relations with western countries went well, Khadafy has requested the French company, Amesys, to equip this vehicle with specific capabilities and advanced technology, after obtaining approval from Nicolas Sarkozy as the Interior Minister of France, at that time and supported by chief of staff Claude Gueant.

Changes that occur in the Libyan make Khadafy must leave the country, and he felt safe to adventure in the desert without being monitored by anyone, he ran safely and comfortably wherever he wants.

(Source kompas, dailymail /Images CarNews)


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