Spicy and savory Pendap Pais Fish from Bengkulu

There are a variety of special dishes from Bengkulu, Sumatra, the people of this region has been known since the days of old with their rich variety culinary, like Bagar Shark (shark fish curry), Bagar Goat, Sambal Tempoyak, Ikan Pais (the locals call it ‘Pendap’) also a variety of pastries that have been known to many places, such as Lempuk Durian, Prut Punai, Cucur Cake, Gendum Son Cake, One Cake, Tat Cake, Glamai and others.

In celebration of Eid variety of their special foods enliven dishes for guests who come to visit their homes in the familiar atmosphere, humm... Guests are often tempted to take them as souvenirs to be brought home.

From a variety of special food that is often made by the Bengkulu people, the guests who visit this place always brings the Pendap Pais fish for souvenirs, special food which is derived from fish as the base ingredient.

From the story of the locals that the former Indonesian president, Megawati Soekarnoputri was also the fans of this fish, "She usually order super-substantial portion, if she had a big celebrations, she was sure order from here," said Fatimah, the original Pendap Bengkulu makers known as name Cik Timah, 57, with her family traditional recipes process the food without preservatives since 27 years ago.

Cik Timah’s Pendap food processing was so simple, ingredients derived from the market, such as coconut, fried coconut, fish, garlic, kencur, minced chili and other kitchen spices, "We use Jenihin fish, Gebur or Terusan, depending on fish available in the market, when everything is mixed and packed with taro leaves and banana leaves. Then boiled for 8 hours, until the flavor evenly, every 4 hours the Pendap must be reversed to make the fish spicy evenly," said Cik Timah.

After the boiling process, then dry the water. The uniqueness pendap of her making is difficult to be explained, as well as a special taste, packaging with a special way, have three layers crossing, so that when boiled in water, the water will not enter into Pendap.

Pendap has a spicy and savory, though not the kind of dry food, this pendap can be bundled and be brought into other regions as long as the packaging securely. Easily found in the surrounding environment of Bengkulu Market District, especially on special feast days, such as Lebaran Eid ul-Fitr.

Therefore, the preferred souvenirs by travelers who have visited Bengkulu and often ordered since well before arriving in this region.

(Various sources /Images CC)


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