Pipeline Waves of Tanjung Setia Beach

The waves still roll did not stop, a pipeline waves, a few surfers watching from the shore, they shouted happily, enjoying the waves are slowly approaching the shore.

Tanjung Setia Beach on the south coast Krui, West Lampung, Lampung Province about 52 km from the city of Liwa by renting a car costing Rp 800,000, - (89.9 USD) from Bandar Lampung airport, Radin Intan, as far as 273 km, taken within 6-7 hours drive.

No one expected this beach favored by surfers from many countries, waves as high as five meters long and reaches more than 150 meters, even up to 200 meters. A Spanish surfers, Cisco, said the beach is like a charming hidden pearl with many interesting and challenging points for surfing.

Watching a hedge virgin forest in the background, Damar Mata Kucing Tree like a carpet spread out and a beautiful natural beaches with the diver preferred location of the point of dives, snorkeling, boating, sailing and fishing as well as rocks in some places to add exoticism of this place.

Surf sports lovers know the best times to visit this place about April to September, the weather was quite friendly and cloudy clear skies.

No need to worry when you reach this place, there are several cottages and hostels for tourists with local traditional cuisine, sea food culinary, internet connection facilities, of course, so they often spend up many weeks in this place, adventuring around the site to enjoy the countryside, fields, hills, vegetable oil, fruits and Lampung traditional villages.

Not enough just once visited this sites around the south coast of Lampung, the Indian Ocean waves crashing never stopped calling back.

(Various sources and friends /Images Octia M., Poskota)


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