Jackie Chan's museum, let's visit Shanghai!

The actor that was born in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, 7 April 1954 is apparently already prepared many things in his long career in the world of film and acting, he is not only known as an actor, but also director, stuntman, producer, martial arts actor, comedy actor, script writers and singers, Humm... It's a great multitalent actor.

Of course it is natural if he wanted to record and store all his hard work in some place, a museum built in his name that will record all these arts journey.

In the early days of his career in the film he played in a John Woo’s Hand of Death, 1976 and also played in the direction of Lo Wei's film New Fist of Fury, he planned to replace the role of Bruce Lee, but it is less successful.

He succeeded after playing in the 1978 film, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and this is where his name continues to soar, even his movie in the United States that reaches box office in 1998, Rush Hour with playmates in the movie, Chris Tucker.

Long journey in the world career of film and entertainment generate millions of fans worldwide, and fans will not hesitate to make excursions to visit museums in the city of Shanghai, China.

Jackie Chan museum area of 10,000 square meters have been built since three years ago and will be opened later this year as the first museum to appreciate the works of his films so far, as quoted from Shanghai Daily as delivered by Solon So, the CEO of JC Group, a company owned by Jackie Chan.

Museum is located in the Changfeng Ecological Business District (CEBD), Putuo district, with a design that will showcase Jackie Chan as a China’s icon, kung fu stars, and charity ambassador contain Avenue of Stars, art galleries, Italian restaurants, and movie studio owned by Jackie Chan .

Of course it's a special occasion in the course of travel to Shanghai with the possibility of his fans can meet and even chat with celebrities from China during their tour to the movie studio. Museums must also have a wide collection of costumes, supplies when shooting, and posters are displayed in an art gallery to show all the action of Jackie Chan movies.

Jackie Chan actually want to build a museum in his birthplace, Hong Kong, but the slow response from the Government of Hong Kong makes him look for alternatives elsewhere, for the fans is not a problem anywhere, as long as they can meet their star hero.

(Various sources Kompas, CNN /Images CC)


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