The Specialties Rawon Rice Nguling

The long journey by bus from Surabaya to Jakarta in the nighttime certainly an exhausting trip, departing in the afternoon and will arrive in the next day morning. Do not complain with this trip, there will be a culinary adventure at every bus stop.

Similarly, when we travel from Mount Bromo tours will meet this special culinary experience, when we were riding the bus stopped at one restaurant there.

Well, a bus stop in the town of Probolinggo, food stalls (locals call it 'depot') "Rawon Nguling", a place to eat on the Street of Tambakrejo 75, Probolinggo that stood since the 1950s, the stalls that looks simple. Passing waiter cleared the table of customers who had recently finished eating, they seem busy tidying the desk that looks messy.

There is a wide selection of food there, such as rawon meat rice, gule goat rice , soup rice, mix rice, lodeh rice, pecel rice, curry chicken rice, vegetable stew rice with tamarind rice with price of each menu selected on average visitors pay for Rp 12.500 (1,39 USD)

On the recommendation of a friend, even though the body so tired of traveling on the bus, forget about fatigue and immediately prepare to enjoy a meal that is so popular in East Java, rawon rice meat...

The waiter arrived with the order of rice with rawon nguling sauce, served with rice and sliced beef and sauce rawon shrimp paste, short sprouts as a complement. The rawon somewhat watery gravy blackened seasoning with kluwek spicy there, a special spice to the rawon mix. Hot dance on the tongue and the meat is very tender.

What's so special about this food? The empal beef is so tender, tasty and the pervasive rawon sauce, perfect eaten in the hunger of the middle of a long journey, especially when eat it with prawn crackers or fish crackers, wow... Yummy!

When finished eating and the stomach becomes full, do not forget to try and drink fresh Sinom Ice, freshness enter the body during hot weather in this region.

(Source A Raharjo /Images Prima W Hatmi)


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