Cheap Traveling? Whether It Can Be Done?

Often in a holiday season we confused where the place for traveling, while money saving getting depleted. Traveling should not depend on it, enjoying the weekend with a comfortable and happy days.

Leisure travel activities is not an easy task, tourism is very important for a person's physical and spiritual needs. The bustle of daily routine work for a whole week, so the tours on the weekends can be a way out to make the mind and body relax again.

Not having to spend a lot of money and travel long distances from their homes. Try more careful with everything around us, cheap trips with the family. Some ideas and tips on traveling with a low cost can be done immediately.

The museum. Museums are generally more of a cultural and educational attractions, ideal for families. Do not be surprised if you find a museum with a low cost. Why do not travel there?

Look for the museum which was some distance from the dwelling house, so there are elements of the adventures. For example take the train, inter-city bus or visit the museum's of the old town.

Zoo or the City Parks. This can be a fun choice, spend time in the park closest to home. Visiting the zoo is a great experience, because there you will find shady trees, a resort with a natural atmosphere.

Do not forget to bring some specific equipment or perhaps a fascinating book reading. Enjoy a snack while reading under a shady tree. For a while all the equipment associated with the busy work is not taken, such as laptops or other electronic equipment. Turn off for a while the phone or cellular phone. The zoo has offered enchanting atmosphere with the family, get big family around the zoo and ended a picnic and eat together.

Sightseeing and shopping in traditional markets. If we had been accustomed to go shopping to the modern market, supermarkets, why don't choose for this time only the traditional markets? We'll get a lot of surprise there! Don't bring a lot of money to spend, ie only the money for transportation to and from your home, as well as a little extra money for shopping.

Why? Because, this is where we met many interesting things. We must be able to buy goods that are of interest at reasonable cost. Prove that we are able to bargain with the sellers, a thing which can not be found in the modern market. Skills will be tested bargain when shopping in traditional markets.

Reflexology. Go to a spa must have been fun, but the cost is often an unpleasant wallet. What if the places to try traditional reflexology? Come into the place of traditional reflexology very cheaply priced under 4 USD.

Please note, choose a place that has been recommended. In addition, some massage places not only massaging the hands and feet, but also the body overall.

Water attractions. Of course this gives the sensation of calm and pleasant. Many of the beaches that can be addressed in your city, swimming in the sea has always been a joyous activity, although we often do. If it were not in the house near the beach, what if the public swimming pool. When visiting the Waterpark require expensive, do not worry. Public pools may be an option to play around the water without spending too much money. And do not forget to consider the places for fishing, it also can soothe the heart with the family.

Use public transportation. Surely the saving in travel costs, choose a tourist attraction close to home.

Had sights somewhat away from home, make sure, ease of access to transportation and not too much need to keep changing public transport.

Bringing lunch from home. Do this, families and children are also enjoying this. Besides being more efficient, the kids also liked her cooking. If you want more practical can also bring your own mineral water from home.

Travel equipment, umbrellas and medicine. Weather should be a consideration, carrying umbrellas and other equipment needed. Depart in the morning can be a consideration when the weather is still sunny.

Aspirin and balm or eucalyptus oil is also necessary to facilitate rather than buy at the store on the way, with the family would need to prepare for all the fun run.

(Source kadek, Kompas /Images matanews, Irfan Saleh)


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