Banua Wuhu, The Extreme Burning Diving Place!

Diving enthusiasts would really like a choice location of the diving spot, they have recognized diving spot well. White sand, clear sea water, coral reefs and colorful fish is the location that most places for a vacation and diving.

When the Raja Ampat become one of the favorite places of divers and the most ideal location in the current marine tourism with scenic beauty that is second to none anywhere else, then do not always feel satisfied when've never tried dive sites in Banua Wuhu.

It is located around the islands of Sangihe, North Sulawesi. An extreme region because of the volcano under the sea, strange flavor dive sites for divers, when entering the area of depth.

Banua Wuhu, so the local people call the mountain and located only 300 meters from the southwest side of the island of Mahengetang. Point of discharge crater of the mountain is marked by bubbles in the rocks at a depth of 8 meters.

While in the other dive sites, divers found the clear water with temperatures cold enough and even the water is clean enough and safe to drink, then Banua Wuhu in very different circumstances, the average water temperature at depths reaching 37-38 degrees Celsius.

In a number of holes, out of hot water which seems capable of making their bare hands blistered when to try to reach into it. If not careful the heat of the bubble can cause burns. Sometimes divers can also listen to the roar of the volcano.

This really be a breathtaking dives experience, divers must have a high vigilance in order to enter the area of a certain depth.

Not only Raja Ampat are able to make a charm with a sail on the sidelines of the small islands, there is a sensation when the ship carrying the slip between the small islands, the area was rich with Mahengetang island of marine life, enjoy also the beauty of coral colonies that is so dense and healthy lay at a depth of 10 to 20 meters.

Local people have a ceremony of traditional beliefs, “Tulude ritual”, which held annually in late January, the ceremony is to invite the attention of the entire population.

Local residents discovered a two-way tunnel under the sea through and two weeks before the ritual ceremony, a traditional elders (‘Tetua Adat’) will dive with a white plate of gold into the hallway as an offering to Banua Wuhu gods not wrath.

Ancient traditions are still maintained there adds to the uniqueness of the Banua Wuhu diving area.

(Source District of Sangihe /Images District of Sangihe, Ocean Rover Cruises)


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