When the Plane Delay

You're getting ready to leave and waiting for boarding aircraft, suddenly there came an announcement that said the plane was delayed its departure, immediately jumped out and you become mad!

What should you do in a situation like that?

1. Calm your heart for a while. Immediately take a deep breath and wait until your anger subsides and start thinking what to do next. Of course you want to immediately see the flight crew and scolded them, but maybe there is something about technical malfunction or interruption of the weather on the way later.
2. Immediately looking for flight information. Contact officer or flight crew to find updated information delays, or waiting in the departure lounge to ensure all the latest information on flight schedules.
3. Looking for something to do. For example greet other passengers who also got a similar problem, take a short walk to see the scenery around the airport or finding a book or buy the magazine.
4. Contact a friend or someone. Immediately do this to inform your airline delay information, It can soothe the heart and change the mood.
5. Take a rest or sleep. Yes, this is also the best way, maybe you just wake up early and when you sleep at night is less because the night before you are busy preparing for departure. Do not forget to tell your friend or some other passengers or the flight attendant, to wake you up.
6. Around the airport and look for the facilities available. Of course this is an interesting experience, just maybe there is a massage facilities, spa or restaurant and other entertainment venues. This is definitely exciting!
7. Try the possibility of other airlines. Perhaps there are compensating airlines, offering vouchers for hotel stays or free flights or flight replacement with a transit route. (Discuss with the airline crew politely that you are paying customers and that you deserve to receive payment for less services)
8. Prepare the possibility for a refund. If the flight is canceled, you should immediately talk about the return flight costs. You have to actively fight this case and negotiate some kind of adequate compensation.

(Various sources IW Suryawan, VW Virdhani, Kompas /Images IW Suryawan)


  1. i hate it when this happens!
    you've captured the mood and reaction well here

  2. Thank you Sarah, I'm just trying to describe the atmosphere there...


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