The Magic Enchantment of Aurora Borealis in Lapland

Little things can become something beautiful, such a roaring avalanche of snow dust falling from the sky and pine trees. Avalanche is only natural because of the sensitivity of the echoes of motor ski or human laughter when walking through the woods.

Small things can be great and happy witnessing the natural phenomenon in Lapland, Finland, in the Arctic Circle. Staring at the elegance and grandeur dancing of northern lights glowing green or Aurora Borealis.

It was fiery burn and whip dark night in the middle of Lapland snow fields. Aurora Borealis certainly beautiful and definitely not be something minor.

Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is created due to friction with Earth's magnetic field is electrically charged particles from the solar wind at high atmospheric levels such as the ionosphere and thermosfer. This phenomenon only occurs in the northern end of the earth such as the Arctic, Northern Europe and North America.

While the light occurs only in areas south of the Antarctic or South Pole. In Lapland, the appearance of the Aurora Borealis can be too often that is up to 200 times a year. Local residents enjoyed since the days of their childhood and be a wonderful opportunity in life.

Like the rainbow, the Aurora Borealis has a variety of color gradation. Starting from reddish orange, violet blue, to emerald green. So bewitched the human imagination like a waving or belts flares before finally being swallowed by the black night.

Something true in the land of Lapland, the Sammi considers taboo to whistle at the Aurora Borealis that they fear and respect. In Finland, known as the Aurora Borealis "Revontulet" or Fox Pole who sprinted to the north and with his tail sweeping the snow into the air into the Aurora Borealis.

Aurora Borealis is often appeared in Lapland. But it takes luck to get a fairly clear night sky and contemplate the patience looked up the sky.

Although many people managed to reach the North Pole, they become disappointed and failed to come face to face with the Aurora Borealis. Always hoping against hope, and had to wait last night in Lapland can finally breathe relieved to see the Aurora Borealis.

Sometimes appearances can last for hours through the night until dawn, sometimes only a few minutes. People can not be below freezing overnight exposure to the cold Arctic wind waiting for the opportunity to met with the Aurora Borealis.

Emerald green belt electric prod danced with slow tempo. How long miles and flames on a black canvas sky. Polar wind symphony accompaniment buzzing with the quietness of the night and cries of interludes man who choked due admiration.

This is the largest natural art installations of all time. All senses are deployed to gobble up this incredible scenery. Anyone would be happy with a big smile on his face, it is difficult to explain the sensation of enchanted Aurora Borealis. Unlike the fanfare of fireworks or serenitas rainbow.

There are different with the Aurora, there is something magical and could possibly lead to psychedelic effects. Like a lost paradise at the end of the north, while the beauty of the Aurora Borealis make anyone amazed and see the world from a different perspective, new and daring.

Aurora looked at while trying to find answers to life.

(Source I Ferica, Kompas /Image I Ferica)


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