Goodbye Cidomo, Gili Trawangan Miss You!

In the afternoon before the evening, the “party” atmosphere on Gili Meno and Gili Air, party all the night alternately show in some places in the area of three small islands (the locals call it gili), tourists from various countries enliven some of the cafés there. Party, party and party, an exotic island in the night time...

Gili Trawangan which covers 340 hectares is one of three small islands of North Lombok, besides Gili Air which covers 150 ha and Gili Meno which also reaches around 150 ha.

Tourists enjoy the natural atmosphere of the three “gili’s”, including when their learning to ride a horse around the island or riding an Cidomo (abbreviations from ‘cikar dokar mobil’), almost all corners of the tourist area in the tourist area of Gili Trawangan and surrounding areas (including the island of Lombok) are often found this traditional transportation in this area.

If the Cidomo passing by, inevitably other motor vehicle that was behind them should slow their speed. Cidomo, which inhibits the flow of traffic crowded during the peak hours in the morning and afternoon.

"Cikar because the use of carts (gerobak), carts (dokar) for as wagon pulled by horsepower, and car (or mobil) because their wear tires. That’s why its become Cidomo if abbreviated," said one local resident's there.

The arrival of tourists a variety of countries have invited the attention of many circles about this typical vehicle, tourists and animal communities protesting the treatment of Cidomo’s horses that used in the tourist area of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

The horses who worked as a towing Cidomo life miserable, no place of protection from the sun during working hours and no vet who will handle the horses if sick, and no blacksmith who makes horse shoes on the island, and only provide salted water to drink horse.

Animal torture was considered to reduce their charms, attractions and beautiful natural scenery there, local governments respond to the protest, the Regent of North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Djohan Sjamsu will replace the means of Cidomo transportation used for tourists when they come for the beauty of nature around Gili Trawangan with the "golf car" or a car that is usually used on the golf course.

The uniqueness of this tourist area slightly reduced, but the tourists prefer natural atmosphere presented there. That is enough!

(Various sources ANT, F Benjamin, Kompas /Images F Benjamin, M Kretyawan)


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