Come and Taste the Spicy of "Green Chillies Duck"

The place was not too big but it gives its own unique flavor with a few ornaments here and there, with some photos of the food menu picture. Attractive to first-time visitors who come to the restaurant Bebek Goreng Echo Asli Kartasuro, do not be surprised if encounter the duck stuffed in a few locations in this restaurant, as the name suggests, is not it?

For tourists visiting the capital city of Jakarta should be able to try to taste this resto, green chilies duck (bebek cabai hijau). Its location next to the city, at Jalan Tanjung Duren, towards the close junction ‘kopro market’, a restaurant located on the left side of the road and the visitors are always crowded. What kind of food is green chillies duck?

When the waiter come to ask the desired menu order, so many variations of the menu is available there, such as kriyuk duck (without bone), kremes duck and of course the green chilli duck.

Do not hesitate to try the duck in accordance with the promotion that have been delivered of friends who've tried it, so bite the duck meat, it feels very soft, pieces of duck meat here is not too large, more pervasive marinade sauce and a sprinkling of green on the duck to make more favors.

Duck was quite tasty. As for the green sauce is not too spicy, give some additional hot spicy, more and feel good. Yummy...

Do not forget to try chilli sauce, available in three types in three different places. The color red means ‘hot spicy’, orange means medium, and the green is terasi chilli paste.

Still want to try the kremes duck? When the stomach is still have space of and not full, the kremes duck are also very tasty, the duck meat was given a sprinkling of kremes which sounds “kriuk-kriuk”. Pieces of duck meat here is not too large, the meat is quite tender.

Ducks were processed correctly to be very tasty, especially food recipes menu are found by the restaurant owner's family had once lived in Solo, Central Java, some kind of a special culinary riches.

(Source H Abbas /Images H Abbas, kulinerenak)


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