Parisians Still Going for 'Hanging-out' at the Cafés in Downtown

No matter with terrorists and has become their lifestyle

That happened later, they may be shocked by the events that occurred on November 13, 2015 last week, near the Stadium St. Denis, "Bataclan" concert hall, as well as several cafés in the city.

The tragedy that occurred as a result of a terrorist invasion with Kalashnikov assault rifles, AK-47, resulting in many casualties as 129 killed and more than 300 wounded. Horrible and we express sorrow!

They, Parisians grieving, but life must go on, staring with a better tomorrow in the spirit of mutual understanding. Life returned to normal, continue, and they repopulated the city, making the dynamics of life like a city that is still alive and well.

Residents of the city of Paris does have a lifestyle attractive, eating and drinking in restaurants and cafes, visible aura spirit to rise, as expressed in social media, the slogan 'Je suis en terrase' which means 'I am on the terrace cafe', a reflection of how the massacre on Friday last week was very hit young people and other citizens of Paris.

Citing articles in a tourist site, as seen in the restaurant Monsieur Bleu said, "What they are targeting is our way of life, identity and culture of our city, happy life together."

The restaurant was called for Parisians out for a meal and a moment of silence at 09.00 at night. Even the guide of restaurants, called on the French people to go to a restaurant, bar, café, brasserie (small restaurants), not only to pay tribute to the victims, but also help the owner of the cafe who fear the collapse of their businesses after the attacks.

True, they show life does not stop, lives will continue to run, crowded places, cafés, resto, art institutions, opera, concert venues, and others, had been reopened on Tuesday night.

"We can not stop living," presented by Marie-Therese Vasseur, 65, which at Café Zephyr in the theater district of Grand Boulevard, according to excerpts from Reuters.

(Source Windratie - Indonesia CNN, Reuters /Images M Paath Djojonegoro)


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