Traveled to Countries that Generous in the World

Results of the research in 145 countries the most generous

Melbourne streets, Australia

It would be fun if one day without you expecting it, arrive in a country surroundings so generous, people are smiling friendly and so wants to help others who are in trouble and need help, great is not it?

Maybe these countries can be found on this earth, such as the results of a study of the World Giving Index, can show these places in the world, including which countries have a social life, in other words the most generous? These results generally show that the number of people who are generous increasing in all economic classes of society, an increase of 3.2 percent since 2013 ago.

Of course you will be curious, surveys are interesting by using samples among the various communities in each country are in rural areas, an assessment of about 1000 people about how many people set aside money for charity, or set aside time to help others in the last month.

New York in the morning

Such a result, we wanted to get there, as the results collected by this poll conducted by Gallup World View, and the Charities Aid Foundation, revealed the annual report of the sixth.

Following these countries, and maybe one day you will plan to arrive there.

1. Myanmar, 92 percent of the population of charity.
2. United States, 63 percent (last year about 68 percent of the population of charity)
3. New Zealand.
4. Canada, 69 percent of the population willing to help strangers, while 67 percent donated money, and 44 people donated their time.
5. Australia, 72 percent of the population of charity.

6. Britain, 75 percent of people donating money to charity.
7. Netherlands.
8. Sri Lanka, 59 percent of people donating money to charity.
9. Ireland, 67 percent of the population and 59 percent of other charitable help strangers.
10. Malaysia, 62 percent of the population has been helping others, 58 percent donated money for charity.

Of course beyond this list there are many other countries in the world by population is very generous, as a tourist you get a lot of experience when interacting with local residents. Always a lot of experience both experienced, anywhere in the world tourist destination, and be part of it.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia /Images N Rosdiana, N Jalil)


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