The Christmas tree was banned in Honolulu

Christmas was getting close, but it never happened in Hawaii

Christmas tree in Frankston, Australia

Just waiting for the Christmas day, less than a month will arrive festive day for Christians all over the world, one that will draw attention is the towering Christmas tree in the big cities of the world, a festive day. Do not be surprised even some European countries have prepared various Christmas trinkets, decorate the city and the residents enthusiastically welcomed.

However, something that is a question for the tourists who've been to a place, Honolulu, they forbade it at some time, of course there is always a reason for it.

Christmas market in London

The city government Honolulu prohibits residents to display a live Christmas tree that has been decorated in a public space, solely at the request of the Honolulu Fire Department, as submitted by Lonely Planet, present a regulation that prohibits live Christmas tree decorated with lights and others.

It seems to be so serious, for security reasons, there may be previous experience is a cause fires caused by Christmas trees that overlook aspects of electrical safety standards. Apparently, the City Council and the Fire Department realized, the atmosphere will be reduced aroma of Christmas festivities, and the ban is adjustable, and residents can return happy.

Townspeople improve itself, enhanced regulation so that the installation can be present Christmas tree in the middle of the city, in public spaces, for example, you can find it in the hotel lobby and lobby other buildings must be equipped with a sprinkler system.

Welcome Christmas in a few weeks ahead, the Christmas tree will give a festive. Certainly.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Images Nani Mariani, P Djayasupena)


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