Travel to the Safest Countries in the World 2015

The safest countries in the world according to the Global Peace Index

Dyrholaely Peninsula, Iceland - Photo Credit V Saver

Who does not like travel, somewhere else in the world, always brings curiosity to make it happen soon. Various tourist destination able to tempt a traveler, have no fear, because basically a tourist trip is also an adventure trip without end.

However, the safety requirements also have a place for most tourists in the world, certainly a lot of considerations for choosing a tourist destination. Say you bring the family along with those nearby, so the trip into consideration many factors that should be considered in advance.

Somehow, what happens in Paris recently, the events of armed terror on Friday, November 13th, 2015 ago, which took the victims as many as 129 people and more than 300 were wounded, became a sort of anxiety specific to-many tourists in this world.

Choosing a tourist spot to be one important reason, of course. Even the United States has issued a global travel warning to its citizens due to 'an increase in the terrorist threat', valid until February 24th, 2016.

Sunset at 12 Apostles, Australia - Photo Credit FAM Pandi

Geneva Lake, Switzerland - Photo Credit P Harunnurrasyid

A study conducted by the Global Peace Index, released data that take into account the security considerations at home, militarization and involvement in domestic and international conflicts, as written in the article on a website, Independent, provide data on the countries in the world that are considered safe.

Iceland topped the list of the safest countries in 2015, above Denmark and Australia, is a result which is not too surprising since the index is done in 2007.

Here are 15 of the safest countries in the world to travel.

1. Iceland
2. Denmark
3. Australia
4. New Zealand
5. Switzerland

6. Finland
7. Canada
8. Japan
9. Austria
10. Czech Republic

11. Portugal
12. Ireland
13. Sweden
14. Belgium
15. Slovenia

In the end it all back to the consideration of the tourists and traveler, choose a place and travel has many factors. Every consideration can deliver results in accordance with a careful choice of each individual, wherever the destination, travel does have its own charm, a great experience that is highly personalized, wherever it is.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, The Independent /Images Veronica Saver, Fransisca AM Pandi, Prima Harunnurrasyid)


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