Happy Imlek, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Year of the Water Dragon finally arrived and began on January 23, 2012, Chinese communities all over the world welcomed in the hope that such special. In accordance with the dragon symbol that signifies greatness and grandeur.

Various places of worship temples and monasteries in various cities packed with thousands of people of Chinese descent who perform prayers to welcome the Imlek New Year 2563.

As seen in a very famous temple in the western city of Jakarta, Vihara Dharma Bakti in Petak Sembilan, Glodok, West Jakarta. The ignition of incense, some people also releases small birds from a box as a sign of freedom.

The release of these birds become a symbol of belief in personal freedom and family, the main hope is free from bad things and bad influences of the world. "For all the bad things were taken away from our family and fortune luck is always overshadowed," said one visitor Li Zhen Ying there on the temple, Monday, January 23, 2012.

The release of birds is a very deep meaning, the birds are confined in a cage, and finally found a free life in the open.

Imlek New Year celebration (also known as Sincia) is a welcome celebration for the Chinese New Year. For those of us who are not from Chinese ethnic, there is no harm come to enliven the Chinese New Year by trying to know the traditions and rituals during Imlek celebrations take place. A cultural event and at the same time gives a very great moments.

It is interesting to see firsthand how the Chinese celebrate the Imlek, we visit the temple to see the festivities, but please respect their tradition, given the temple is a place of worship.

We need to maintain decorum and order when they travel to a temple, a cultural tourism experience and exceptional there.

"Gong Xi Fa Cai. Xie Nian Kuai Le"

(Images Manu Kretyawan)


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