The Spicy Fish Pesmol

Want to try the culinary trip in Jakarta? It must be fun, exciting. Every city in Indonesia has distinctive culinary respectively, well now what kind of fish pesmol?

There’s many places in Jakarta to find a restaurant that serves this type of cuisine, but let us try in a place that famous for its culinary evening in central Jakarta, known as Pecenongan area.

This area is full with food vendors tents in a rows along this road. All types of food available, ranging from various types of food with rice, such as Uduk rice, even Martabak also exist, Seafood, Sate and various other foods.

Not far from the this location, there is a special place to eat, "Ikan Bakar Cianjur" (Cianjur Grilled Fish) at Jalan Batu Tulis. It's definitely a crowded place!

Food fans must be prepared to queue to get served their turn, full of visitors! Great!

Can not wait while the stomach is hungry, especially when the smell of food from the restaurant so is tempting, the more hungry stomachs.

Be patient, the time comes. The menu is varied, for example liwet rice, grilled chicken, various types of fried fish and others.

Now try fish pesmol, even though liwet rice become a favorite on the menu here, so if try the fish pesmol course must be ordered together with liwet rice and fried chicken, surely it's guaranteed! Slight differences in this liwet rice is not using coconut milk as commonly found in other places, but cooked with lemon grass leaves, bay leaves, and a little extra salt.

Liwet rice served in a unique, placed in a pot with the rice portion to several people at once. Well, it's time to try the taste of fish pesmol, very good.

Its spices cover the whole fish and soak into the meat of fish. Sweet and gives a fresh impression on the tongue and oral cavity. Don't forget to add flavor with the spicy chili sauce, it stung really delicious!

Culinary experiences always find the unexpected, there's a new flavor sensation in every type of food.

(Source A Sentanu, Tb Apif Santosa, W Handayani /Images D Gianti, Madame Zahra)


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