7 Most Popular Tourist Sites that attract Cruise Ship Tourist in Indonesia

Besides the Galapagos and Antarctica, the South East Asia is one of the top three large cruise ships most exotic tourist destinations, meanwhile, three major cruise ship destination is the Caribbean, Alaska, and Mediterranean.

As a country located in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is one of tourist destinations frequently visited by cruise ships.

Cruise ship Tourism is the regional tourism, countries visited by cruise ships have to cooperate each other, cruise ships docked from one port to another port in a country of destination.

For cruise ship tourists, visiting a port in Indonesia is once in a lifetime opportunity, guests feel this is the first and the last experience in Indonesia. Distance is a major consideration of country of origin and at great cost.

So they need to get a deep impression on Indonesia, they are looking for any tourist sites that can attract attention and has a distinctive uniqueness.

There are 7 most popular tourist sites, particularly sites that have been recognized by UNESCO, which is included in world heritage, as follows:

1. Borobudur Temple
2. Prambanan Temple
3. Komodo National Park
4. Ujung Kulon National Park
5. Ancient Human Sangiran Site
6. Lorentz National Park
7. Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra

The 7 tourist sites Indonesia has become the focus of attention for the guests who come from a cruise ship, the passengers will come down to the mainland and do take a trip on the tourist destinations.

Tourists generally are for about 2 days on the mainland depends on the package tours offered, such as hiking, biking, scuba, kayaking, rafting, or snorkeling. They like traveling to historic sites, cultural sites, religious sites, which are offer an adventure attractions, and of course, go for shopping.

Cruise ship tourists has its own characteristics, they generally target the volunteer form tourism or the eco tourism activities, such as the Green School in Bali that invites tourists to do some social activity there.

Cruise ship tourism became one of the things that enliven the world of tourism in Southeast Asia, it should welcome its presence.

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