The delicious Thai Spices Food!

Who thought that any Thailand culinary is really special, especially if you already feel its ingredients, there is something different inside.

This country has a special food that makes us feel something, its full with spicy flavor aroma. Is there any food that is similar to this kind of food? Of course, similar to the Indonesian food that is also rich in flavor. Taste the spices used in Thai food, a fusion of sweet, sour, salty and hot spicy.

Seasonings and spices feel fresh, (not dried spices), for example, we will find the cayenne pepper, red pepper, coconut milk, fish sauce (nam pla), ginger, garlic, onion, coriander, lemon grass, shrimp paste (terasi - kapi), palm sugar, and tamarind.

One of the familiar Thai food in some Asian countries is Tomyam, felt the sting fresh ingredients in our tongues, but bring a sense of pleasure.

Are we need to go to Thailand to try this specialties of this kind of food? No need, in some Southeast Asian countries not difficult to find the restaurants of Thai food vendors, such as in Malaysia or Singapore, and also in a few cities in Indonesia. For example, a restaurant in Jakarta, Sailendra Restaurant.

This restaurants can be found in JW Marriot Hotel Jakarta, became very special when the hotel management directly bring two chefs from JW Marriot Bangkok, they are Thailand's special food processing expert.

The menu varied according to the second meal of the chef, one of the flagship is the Pad Thai, noodle fried rice dish with shrimp, eggs, chicken, and bean sprouts. Add some seasonings inside the chopped fried peanut meal, dry chili powder, little shrimp spicy (ebi), lime, and 'sambal' special Thailand which can be mixed depend to our taste.

There is still another menu, Tomyam Goong, Yam Som O, and Goong Makham and desserts a la Thailand, namely warm sticky rice served with mango sauce cooked and enjoyed with milk, food is known as the Mango Sticky Rice or Khao Niao Ma Muang (khao, Thai: ข้าว).

Thai food is composed of one type of food or rice with side dishes served together and enjoyed together, eaten with a spoon in right hand and fork in the left hand, but traditionally, the Thais eat with hands.

Try these foods we should be prepared our taste, its feel hot, but very tasty and tempting. Try it!

(Various sources D Patricia, A Pertiwi, Kompas /Images Amitha)


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