Copenhagen, the Comfort City Bikes

Maybe we will remember that the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands is known as the 'city of bike', it turns out there are still other cities in Europe that have a nickname like that.

The main town in Denmark, Copenhagen is the capital city with an urban population of 1,199,224 (as of 1 January 2011) and a metropolitan population of 1,930,260 (as of 1 October 2011). Copenhagen has been recognized as one of the cities with the best quality of life, and the world's most environmentally friendly cities (Wikipedia).

An interesting thing about this city is the penchant to ride a bicycle by the city dwellers in most their daily activities. Copenhagen seems to have become the city of bicycles since 100 years ago. Bicycle transportation is a practical, inexpensive, healthy and comfortable. No one is denying it.

A female journalist writing in a travel site about this city, Almeria Allen, how her experiences in this city, the center of her attention back to the bike.

She relates that nearly every corner of the city can be reached by bicycle and for that cyclist must know all the rules of riding a bicycle. Violate the rules may be imposed a fine of DKK 500 - 600.

Further she described how the people there on a bike, to go through special lanes for bicycles. Raise your hand before stopping. Stretch your right hand if you will turn right. Stretch your left hand if you will turn left. Love your brain is the expression of Copenhageners to promote the use of helmets is strongly recommended. Ring the bell as a means of communication between fellow cyclists.

Turn on the front and rear bicycle lights when night falls. Obey traffic signs. Do not run a red light, stop when pedestrians cross the road. That's some examples of rules to ride a bicycle in this city.

Something that also may be a traveler's attention is a means of "rickshaw" transportation (known as paddycab in the United States), this transportation could be an option. Very similar to a “becak” in the Southeast Asia countries, or even in Jakarta in the past.

Copenhagen become the travel choice while enjoying the comfortable bicycles rides or try the funny rickshaw, great!

(Source A Allen, Bike Mike Tours /Images A Allen)


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