Nihiwatu beaches, beautiful but lonely

Not too far from Bali about 400 km to the east, southwest of the island of Sumba, isolated and lonely. Highly preferred surfers because the waves charm, they come to ride the waves, known as God's Left by the surfers.

Enjoy this beach in the afternoon after the completion surfers riding the waves, the charm that will not be finished with natural scenery.

Nihiwatu is a remote area on the island of Sumba, which displays the natural beauty, surrounded by 438 hectares of tropical forests and fields and meadows that lie along the coast of Nihiwatu.

Many things can be entertaining, let’s go fishing, find the Spanish mackerel, wahoo fish, trevally fish, snorkeling, scuba diving and boating tours to the bay of Maloba Konda Beach, about an hour to the south. The more interesting atmosphere when arrived in the villages around the coast, the friendliness of the locals while buying some souvenir of their craft.

It's not an accident when the site write about Nihiwatu Beach with their beautiful sands, which is included in the 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia 2011. The beach in the tropics which became a tourist destination based on the condition of beaches with white sand stretching like a rug. A peaceful atmosphere with a reassuring calm and comfortable environment of its local culture.

Arrive in the area we're greeted with an aura of an exotic tranquility of nature, with the support of a good tourism facilities. There is a beautiful resort area thatched equipped villas and bungalows overlooking the Indian Ocean with the construction of a typical building of the local area with a decorative ornaments and locally Sumba woven.

Consider a visit to this region at any given time about April through December, then be prepared to face the sea monsoon breeze is blowing hard.

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