"The Celebration of Topat War" in island of Lombok

This is the right time if you want to tour and then want to see for yourselves a crowd of islanders traditional religious nuances of Lombok Sasak tribe.

The ritual tradition that highlight the cultural ritual of the two faiths that religious rituals blend of Hindu and Muslim there, local government and tourism department of West Lombok regency immediately respond to expectations of the local peoples.

Topat War is a ritual ceremony as a manifestation of gratitude to God for the prosperity of the fertile soil, lots of rain. This ritual usually takes place at a place agreed upon by society, as shown in the Lingsar Temple complex by the Hindu Sasak tribe community of interest with each of them throw the Topat (Topat or Ketupat is some kind of food that It is made from rice that has been wrapped in a woven palm leaf pouch and boiled).

This ceremony took place after the completion of prayer "Pedande" worship, ie during the period of "Waru Flower Tobacco" around 04:30pm is held every year at the time of 6th full moon according to the Sasak calendar or around November-December, this year is planned to be held on December 10, 2011.

A religious events as well as cultural activities that are expected to attract tourists to visit the West Lombok is the right moment besides the year-end holiday in island of Bali, of course.

Tourists would be interested if you see a long history spread of Hinduism in the past who also reached the island of Lombok and never embraced by the Sasak tribe on the island.

Nuances of cultural events with a strong influence of the Hindu religion which later became the main attraction to see the whole activity of worship, thanksgiving to god, followed by the Muslim Sasak tribe with the Hindus ethnic community in Lombok.

End of the year in island of Lombok, why not?

(Source Ant, Kompas, Department of Tourism & Culture of West Lombok /Images indoculture, balilomboktour)


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