"Begor King", King of the Delicious Fried Duck

When you say where the place to eat fried duck that taste good, immediately just go try this place, "Raja Begor" (Begor King) in the region of Senopati, Kebayoran, South Jakarta.

It was indeed proven tasty, the meat is not colored black and not too oily. The meat was more tender and do not forget to add fried sambal or if you want more spicy, add chilli sauce.

Indeed there are few fried duck cuisines in other place or cities in Indonesia, such as Cak Topa and Kaleyo Duck, but this place is worth to try, the fried ducks menu can be one of the favorites.

The place is quite comfortable and not too crowded, it appears something special there, look at the list of menu offered. There Fried Duck, Kremes Rawit Duck, and that may tempt visitors to this restaurant is a super spicy Rawit Duck. Also try other as friends recommendation, the Fried Tofu and Uduk Rice.

The menu ordered arrived, Rawit Duck, sprinkled with chili that still looks rough, and provided a small place for duck seasoning and uduk rice with a sprinkling of fried onions, plus lalaban vegetables, wooww...

Well, as described above, the duck meat was tender and crisp, it was tasty on the tongue when it comes into the mouth, delicious!

Then complete the sauce on it, be prepared to feel spicy, hot… It really feels until all the spices out. Delicious, savory, spicy and cradles the tongue.

Duck menu in this restaurant is very good, but it may became consideration is the price of drinks are a little bit expensive. That's okay because the food can entertain visitors, especially for fans of fried duck cuisines, of course!

(Sources A Dewanto, B Raaffi /Images Yerianto)


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