Let's try 'Celor Noodles' in the city of Jambi

The city of Jambi is growing rapidly with the ongoing dynamics of change. Changes in the face of this city can not be avoided, where some beautiful areas that can be enjoyed by the city residents and tourists who arrive there.

Jambi Governor's Office Complex at the street of A. Yani is just like an open space in Telanaipura square, a variety of people's activities on the weekends such as walking, biking or mass gymnastics held there. Besides having a large field, a row of trees along the street of A. Yani is really comfortable and reassuring spirit.

Walking along in this areas, under the shade of old trees, and street lights illuminated and decorated with original Jambi grooved style, suddenly we were treated to views of "the palace" of Jambi's governor with its white elegant off color that appears at the end of hedge foliage. What a beauty in the middle of the city that keeps pace with business activities and may not ignore harmony with nature.

It feels incomplete when visiting this city without trying their culinary offerings, a dish that easily found in the streets of Jambi, the Celor noodles (or Mie Celor).

A rich culinary spice became a valuable experience for tourists who want to try new typical culinary experiences of this region.

Celor noodles made from wheat flour as well as the choice of a typical blended into the dough into noodles enjoyment is the primary key. Moreover, added a wide range of healthy vegetable soup like bean sprouts and leaves previously dipped in boiling water first, and is believed to increase appetite further.

Although even these foods can also be found in other cities, such as the city of Palembang, Bengkulu and Padang, but the sensation of spice and sauce gives a sense of individual differences. Food vendors often make variations by adding slices of chicken or beef that has been fried earlier.

Noodle fans of Celor noodles reveal the actual taste is soaked in coconut milk gravy over the noodles mixed with eggs and vegetables. The smell of spices that burst from the hot coconut milk makes the tongue as if we did not want to stop chewing this food.

Cities with a warm atmosphere, the air is slightly humid but with a special culinary offers a different flavor. Delicious!

(Source A Osman, Irfan Firmansyah, Kompas /Images InfoJambi, Mama Uni Rina)


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