Enjoying the Holidays Shopping in Singapore

As suggested by a tourist site, if you want to do the shopping tour in this city island is looking for the proper choice of time, which is around Christmas and New Year season in December or on sale season, "Great Singapore Sale" (between May to July), and during the Chinese New Year (Imlek).

Indeed, some countries attract a tourist for destination shopping, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand that become tourist interest in Asia. In addition, Hong Kong became a popular destination for tourists.

Various tour packages are offered, along with some travel products for year-end holiday season in December 2011, ranging from the Asia tour packages, Europe, the United States, Latin America and the Mediterranean.

But if tourists want to go for shopping, then it seems that Singapore still ranks first, especially when the season arrives sale, shopping cheaply as possible!

A Budi Sulis travel sites gives some excellent advice for travelers when they are desperate to shopping in this city-state, several things need to be observed.

Shopping Hours. This is related to the size of the store, several smaller shops open every day from 10.00 am until around 22:00 the night even until midnight, especially when the great sale' seasons, for example at Mustafa Centre, Little India area.

Prices and Offers. Notice the price tag that has been fixed.Where to find a store that does not list a price tag, there's no harm bargain and discount given. Present your passport to the cashier can give larger discounts benefit cuts.

Make time to see the ads on specific websites that provide information about sales discounts across Singapore (when the great sale seasons!).

Payment Method. Important to use credit cards when shopping, you should use an international bank.

Some stores require the imposition of additional charges for the use of a credit card the amount of about 3%.

In urgent situations, an ATM card with Visa or Mastercard can withdraw dollars from ATM machines all over Singapore for a fee.

Receipts and Returns Policies. Almost all stores give pay slip or receipt during the purchase transaction. Pay attention to this with a good fit are listed. Keep receipts as proof of reimbursement or exchange of goods carried in a given day (usually three days) from date of purchase.

Check that the warranty card must contain the correct details of the product purchased and have been endorsed with a stamp store. International guarantees for a variety of goods, usually 12 months period.

Some products that are not accompanied by guarantees and are usually sold at lower prices, please be careful when visiting certain shops in the area of Lucky Plaza.

Be careful to always ask the price of total nett (net) already include taxes and so forth.

GST. Tourists shopping in Singapore and subject to GST, as later used to claim a tax refund when we will come out of Singapore.

GST is a Goods and Service Tax imposed in Singapore since 1994 with an initial value of 3%. The value of this experience some increase in taxes, starting in July 2007 valid until the new GST rate of 7%.

(Various sources of Kompas, B Sulis /Images Veronica Saver)


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