The Glittering New Years at Times Square

New Year celebrations ahead of the turn of the year would have been anticipated by the millions of inhabitants of the earth, as well as a place that perhaps the most glittering in the world at that time.

Times Square, Manhattan, New York City is one place to celebrate the turn of the year, citizens of New York and surrounding areas will certainly enjoy the atmosphere, as well as for anyone who has a chance to be there, foreign tourists who want to spend the New Year.

Towards the turn of the year, some streets will be closed to Times Square, only a few roads that opened into the main entrance to the site, will be a lot of people there, jostling in the crowd, but do not worry, nothing crimes will happen, such as pickpocketing in Times Square.

The police are very much on guard to anticipate security, the atmosphere is very controllable and do not try to bring liquor from outside the area to be enjoyed at the time of the new year in Times Square. The police immediately searched the bags and backpacks and will be confiscated.

One of the main attractions that awaited the celebration that has become a tradition since 1904 is the launch of The Times Square Ball (since 1907) from the roof of One Times Square, 3.5 meters in diameter with a weight of 5397.7 pounds. The ball can be seen from the road along 7th Avenue and Broadway Street between 43rd Street and 50th Street.

Around a million people gather will shout welcomed the giant ball and start together at the time count down the seconds turn of the year to coincide with the launch of the ball is accompanied by fireworks shot into the air, very festive!

Weather is very cold at the end of the year in New York, do not forget to wear heavy clothing, hats and gloves, in order to enjoy the festive atmosphere, very lively and glittering sparkle.

No place is more lively and luminous glare when viewed from outer space in Times Square, New York, at the time welcome the new year. Sure!

Happy New Year 2012 Everbody!

(Various sources of JT Santi - Kompas, R Tanaya /Images mwatch, prweb)


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