Christmas Holidays, Bali became One of the Travellers Choice

Bali seems to remain an option for tourists in the past Christmas holiday period and are able to show you the best as a tourist destination, although other tourist areas do not want to miss the opportunity, like the tourist area of Wakatobi, Gili Trawangan, Bangka-Billiton, Lombok and Sumbawa as well as the diving region of Raja Ampat, Papua.

This area of tourism is still a place of travellers choice in the domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the Christmas Holidays 2011 and welcome The New Year 2012.

The atmosphere of busy entrepreneurs tourism industry, governments and communities that have been doing repairs for safety and comfort for tourists who visit, including the tourist calendar has been compiled carefully.

The world has watched over this Bali as one of international tourist area, tourists also love the cultural uniqueness and indigenous people's lives with their Hindu culture influence there.

Christmas and New Year Holidays have been getting closer and tourist interest and enthusiasm to celebrate this important day both in Bali and several locations in other tourist areas in Indonesia, this can be seen from hotel booking rooms that increasing everyday.

Bali has always been a special choice, given by its past history of such a long time, crowded on the Island of Gods (another name from the nickname 'Bali') is more visible after entering the third week in December, even many foreign tourists who have already ordered from January or February this year.

Cultural attractions when tracing our foot there, soon feels even when we are out of the airport door, the smell aroma of a fascinating cultural.

(Source Ant, B Sudarsono /Image Veronica Saver)


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