Travel Backpacking Preparation

When the day to do the trip draws nearer, we had planned the trip to take place efficiently and practically. Then how the arrangements?

Several factors would need to be considered, such as the selection of travel bags that can be influence all the comfortably trip journey that may happens.

The question that often arises when the heart was beating like soon to depart, we are also increasingly confused, why suitcases or travel bags look more bigger and bigger, a lot of content inside. Of course there is a mistake when preparing the packing, ie the position when putting luggage.

1. The selection of bags. Some types of bags would need to be considered, such as carrier bags for long-term trips, daypack for the short trip, survival kits for emergency supplies just in case while traveling, and of course a suitcase that has a large capacity. Need to be careful in choosing this major equipment as needed.

2. Laying clothes. Put clothes on the bottom of the bag, previously rolled in advance, while for a thinner sock material can be rolled at once two or three pieces.

3. The composition of luggage. Luggage heavier selected and placed at the bottom / bottom of the bag. Consider whether to bring electronic equipment, such as cameras, notebooks / laptops or other, separate and then set it properly routed in the bottom of the bag.

4. Personal belongings. Prepare a plastic bag or small bag of extra clothing in order to separate the dirty and not to mixed each other. Meanwhile, personal equipment, such as shampoo, soap, towels, toothpaste, and others can be put in the side pocket bags.

5. Provide dedicated space for travel documents. Passports, plane tickets, money and other things associated with it are put in separate bags, which are smaller, so it can be put on a backpack.

6. In transit. Shoes or sandals better used directly, so no need to put in a bag, or plastic is provided when forced to save it. Clothing made from thick should be more frequently used in travel, thus saving space inside the bag and reduce the burden of the bag.

Happy Packing!

(Various sources, travelKompas /Image helpful)


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