An afternoon at the Riverside of Batanghari

River of Batanghari with a length of about 800 km can be said to be the longest river on the island of Sumatra, and save a lot of stories of the past relating to the ancient Malay civilization.

Around this region many sequence begins with the history of the Malay kingdom power includes Sumatra to the Malay Peninsula. There’s the story long ago that often heard about Hang Tuah and others which controls all waters of the Straits of Malacca region.

And history in the 7th century shows that the River of Batanghari plays important role as a trade center for the Srivijayan kingdom that has ever appeared on the island of Sumatra.

This time present all things changed when the region turns into areas where residents do relaxing activities in the afternoon, the community gathering place for recreation, whether to simply get-togethers with family or friends, to relieve fatigue by enjoying the beauty of nature.

Around the banks of this river there is also a Garden of Tanggo Rajo located in downtown of Jambi just off the River of Batanghari, come and get the opportunity while in this town. Locals and tourists love this place, either in the afternoon until the evening, a place visited by family or peers.

Once we are in this region, a wide selection offerings of Jambi tempting culinary, like sate padang and sugarcane ice or even just enjoying corn on the cob with a row of shady tents on the banks of the river.

Removing tired after working all day, hearing the strains of the river, as well as the reflection of the warm atmosphere of the twilight jokes and the laughter of the tourists. Don’t miss to capture the exotic beauty of the sunset.

All the wonderful blend with the natural accompaniment of the pounding chant of river water, who would want to miss this opportunity? Time passes so fast and waits for no one.

(Source Aslim Khotibun, Kompas, Jambi Tourism /Images JambiTourism)


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