"Bali Daily" that helps

For tourists who visited Bali today, will be greatly assisted by the publication of a daily newspaper in English about Bali, "Bali Daily".

No doubt, it will arrive daily at the hands of readers to the main tourist area of ​​Bali, Denpasar and surrounding areas, from 9 April 2012.

Travelers will have all the information they really need, ranging from news / information on all things related to the issue of tourism, arts, culture, and entertainment in Bali.

As said by the Jusuf Wanandi, chairman of the media, they hope the paper is able to display the crucial issues of Bali, could be news about arts and culture.

Arrived in the tourist area, visitors immediately get a different aura, art and culture into the spirit of Balinese civilization, it is appropriate that a culture of the Balinese people believed since ancient times in the devotion to preserving the traditions of Bali to the outside world.

Tourists wherever they are will certainly been helped by the media like this, Bali Daily will be present in hundreds of strategic points throughout Bali.

Tourists will be spoiled with the charming nature of appropriate information and support all intentions to travel.

Bali, Bali...

(Source The Jakarta Post, travelKompas /Image Liny Tambajong)


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    1. True, Madame Liny, hopefully you don't mind... We will send an explanation to you!


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