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Indonesia has a long history of tourism since the Dutch colonial period, for example by the presence of the hotels in the island of Java. The ships of the European continent in the 19th century brought tourists to the dominance of white European origin came to Indonesia.

The first luxury hotels in the Dutch East Indies to the needs of the tourists were on the island of Java, Medan, and Makassar. Some still survive today, such as the Hotel Mij De Boer in the field that has now become .

There is several types of historic hotels that still exist in Indonesia today, such as a relic of the Dutch colonial period, the Old Order, and the New Order. Some had passed its heyday.

Are you interested in the history of the sensation of time to stay?

Hotel Majapahit, Surabaya Built in 1910 as the Oranje Hotel by Lucas Martin Sarkies from Armenia, is still functioning as a hotel with the added touch of art deco.

When World War II, the Japanese arrived and the hotel was renamed Yamato Hoteru when historic events of 1945, the incidence of tearing of the blue flag of the Netherlands became a red-white flag. In the morning on 19 September 1945, flying the Dutch flag Carbolic Mastiff.

And rising public anger over the hotel, then ripped blue. Flag was hoisted.

There is a historic room is his room Charlie Chaplin. Famous actors that have stayed in 1936. The rooms are named Merdeka Room with room number 33 fare ranging from Rp 2.6 million per night.

Bidakara Hotel Savoy Homann, Bandung The hotel is recommended by European travelers, especially for the luxury food business and served with style Rijsttafel. Founded in 1871 under the name Homann Hotel, according to the owner by the name of Homann from Germany. First, the hotel is only made of bamboo. Only in 1880 was rebuilt into a brick walled building.

While the building facing Jalan Asia Africa was built in 1937 with art deco style by architect A. F. Dutchman Albers changed its name to the Savoy Homann Hotel. And Charlie Chaplin had ever stay at this hotel.

Well, what makes it so worth a visit? It turns out the three rooms had been occupied by historic figures such as the 1955 Asia-Africa Conference on Jawaharlal Nehru, India's former Prime Minister, Chou En-lai, former Prime Minister of China. The tariff of Rp 4.5 million per night.

Hotel Salak The Heritage, Bogor Hotel a favorite resort of the Dutch people who lived in Batavia old times, was built in 1856 and was named Bellevue Dibbets Hotel. Bogor city used to be called Buitenzorg or a place to rest, but also a variety of tropical plant research centers and plantations of Java, the hotel became the meeting place of the garden owners to government staff.

In 1998 changed its name to Hotel Salak The Heritage by the addition of new buildings. Old buildings rich with history and architecture typical of the Dutch colonial period is maintained.Rates vary Executive type rooms, Executive Suite, or the Presidential Suite which is located at Colonial Floor starting from Rp 1.9 million.

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Formerly known as Hotel Indonesia which is the first tallest building in Jakarta. The hotel is built from the spoils of war with Japan.

Inaugurated in 1962 Asian Games IV in order to be a place to stay for senior officials accompanying the athletes from various countries in Asia, including some of the athletes.

In 2004, after the renovation was renamed the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski.

Soekarno became iconic figure of this hotel, the first president of Indonesia. Soekarno was to be the originator of the hotel. In the hotel there is a legendary restaurant Signatures Restaurant with photographs of Soekarno with world figures displayed in large measure on one side of the wall. One was John F. Kennedy, former president of the United States.

Ambarrukmo Palace Hotel, Yogyakarta The hotel is located in the area Pesanggrahan Ambarrukmo built by Sultan Hamengku Buwono V. In the year of 1895-1897, the building was renovated by the Sultan Hamengku Buwono VII and was once a residence of the Sultan.

Since 2011, Santika Indonesia hotel chain to take over and revive the hotel and changed into Ambarrukmo Palace Hotel. Area palace also revitalized and filled a variety of arts activities. Inside the hotel, there is a carved stone mural in 1962 Harijadi works depicting the lives of people around Mount Merapi.Then Indonesia Batara Lubis mosaic artist in 1976.

The artistic hotel with rates staying in one hotel room with prices ranging from Rp 1.35 million per night.

(Adapted and summarized from the article Ni Luh Made Pertiwi, travelKompas /Images Savoy Homann, Salak Hotel)


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