Waving palm trees of Lembeh Island

Lembeh Island which has been known as a diving destination in the land of northern Sulawesi, precisely 30 minutes by motor boat near the port city of Bitung, about 2 hours from the city of Manado, North Sulawesi.

The island is also known as marine tourism destination that holds the charm of the natural beauty of beaches and small uninhabited islands with the fragile limestone structure and lifted to the surface.

Morphological forms of land that stretches along both sides of the strait of Lembeh this form of dramatic scenery and a tourist attraction to enjoy nature with a variety of underwater marine life unique.

Coral reefs provide a distinct impression, the divers and the tourists who have been there recognize its uniqueness. As said by Dirk Ernert, Bastianos Diving Resort Manager as quote from TribunManado, "People loves their staying in a cozy atmosphere with breathtaking view of the Lembeh Strait…"

A variety of the most amazing dive spots, various kinds of fish and coral to be found, such as sea horses attached to the living reefs, colorful lion fish, soft coral, scorpion fish, stonefish, sea Robins,stargazers, devil fish, and there are also seahorses around 7 different types, as well as several types of marine life that can befound here.

Lembeh Island still keeps the uniqueness up to now, the mainland coast of the narrow spread between the crevices of the hills of the island is able to attract the liver. Pristine natural environment and as yet untouched by the nice resort facilities, while watching the flickering lights in the distance calling out from the port of Bitung.

An exotic island in the northern region, fascinating!

(Various sources Nita Kermite, TribunManado /Images Nita Kermite)


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