Are you the Novice Divers?

Let's say you arrive in Indonesia which has a natural area in the spectacular underwater world, with a variety of unique richness and fascinating of coral reefs. Then you want to enjoy the underwater world is, how?

If you do not have much experience with diving in the underwater world, do not worry!

An article quoting the site interviewed Gemala Hanifah, one of the divers who also hosts the nationally televised adventure experiences to write about simple tips for novice divers as you dive in Gapang, Sabang, Aceh, Wednesday, March 23, 2012.

Coach and diving club. Look for them to train you with high quality and experience in the field.

Diving equipment. Consider all the information about the functions of the various coaches diving equipment, including masks, BCD (float vest), tank regulator, oxygen tank, weights, wet suits, protective shoes and frog legs.

Drinking enough water. This is an important thing before starting the activity. Water you consume is useful to avoid dehydration during the conduct of activities under the water.

Prepare a good body condition. Recognize the symptoms of dysfunction of the body in the water as the temperature of sea water in contrast to the human body temperature. For example, hypothermia with everything that tackled.

Observe and obey coach instructions. Novice divers must be accompanied by a trainer. Convey any difficulties encountered in the water, because it concerns your own personal safety.

Novice divers generally have initial difficulties in doing breathing with the mouth, here is the key! You have to get used to breathing this way, in order to be able to breath properly at sea underwater.

Perform all the stages, and any progress can dive deeper. Do not forget, beauty down there is stunning, the richness of the underwater world of Indonesia.

(Source A Hasyim, G Hanifah, /Images D Sitompul, Veronica Saver)


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