The Stratified Waterfall in Temburun Natuna

Group of islands that connect connect - Anambas Islands, Indonesia is located in the South China Sea between eastern and western Malaysia and Borneo, part of the Riau Islands Province, and sometimes included in larger Natuna Islands.

A unique waterfall on the island, exactly on the island of Siantan, the city of Tarempa. Go to the waterfall area Temburun that it is not easy. Should be riding a motorcycle through the streets for 1 hour offroad.

Slippery and dangerous journey, and sometimes even get down to drive the motorcycle due to slip down. Tired body continues to sweat profusely, it does not matter as long as it'll be entertained to the end of location.

The difficulty was forgotten when you see the beauty of towering waterfalls, this waterfall falls directly in seawater. So that the meeting between the two camps, into brackish water. The unique waterfall, terraced form, as many as seven levels and lead to the Peniting Strait located in the middle of the grove of trees and forest green.

At the mouth of the waterfall, there are mangrove ecosystem which consists mainly of mangrove - rhizophora, with a mud substrate. It is fun to see panoramic sea in the distance as seen from the height of the seven levels waterfalls, all seems so obvious. It's incredible!

Although tired body, do not hesitate to take a walk around the local village, trying a variety of unique culinary and may not be found in other cities. Their friendly welcome newcomers, so the atmosphere is safe, peaceful. The houses are typical of the population in Tarempa, Siantan.

There is still another charm that might be interesting, if you like diving activities. Never run out if you want to explore the virgin and natural beauty of the underwater natural of Anambas Islands, enchanting heart. Try it yourself if do not want to go home. Beautiful!

(Various sources of MAPPAS /Images Wasnim, Y 'Kudaliar' Febrianda)


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