The Hotel for Kids in Indonesia

Heart's desire to make your tour was unstoppable again, but when that time we have young children. Of course this can disrupt travel plans.

Went the the time to a tourist area bring the child, it would be inconvenient to ourselves and the little guy. Many things to consider in looking for hotels which roughly fit for children.

Hotel is really in accordance with the kids, is there and when the tour was in Indonesia? Some scattered information on the web sites of suitable hotels for children guests.

Gumilang Regency Hotel, Bandung. It describes a business hotel, but try again carefully examined. There is a swimming pool, facilitated by a variety of water rides like a waterslide with a warm water pool. Also available Vanda Kids Corner. Here are a variety of toys for the little guy.

Other hotels in Bandung are recommended for children is the Novotel Bandung. Adequate facilities for children and kids club.

Mercure Ancol, Jakarta. Located in the Ancol Dreamland Park, the largest recreational park in Jakarta is a favorite of children as take a trip to Jakarta. With a variety of rides that are within the region, such as the Dunia Fantasi, Ocean Dream Samudera, as well as vehicles for other children.

Mercure hotel also has a Children's Club as an arena to play the child is separated between 0-3 years, 3-6 years and 6-12 years.Other games like bath balls, dolls, toy cars, to houses and gardens open to the children's pool with mini water park.

Some hotels in Jakarta is quite friendly when carrying children as guests, such as Borobudur Hotel. Kids club is available as a children's playground with a large green park and suitable for your child to play in the open air.

Bali Dynasty Resort, Bali. Hotels are often awarded as one of the best resort for family holidays. Kids Suite type rooms available. Really friendly hotel for your child with special culinary menu for the little guy.

Even provided a special pool for infants as well as a playground in an open area and kids club or play in the indoor arena. Hotels that do not neglect the children with typical Balinese crafts program or play games and traditional Balinese cooking classes as well as to feed the fish.

Club Med Bali, Nusa Dua. Provide hospitality to all children with a variety of facilities. Age of the service needs of small and nanny services.

Dino Kid's Club at the Harris Hotel & Residences Sunset Road. Never tired of looking for a suitable hotel for your child with special children's facilities, swimming pool and various games, are in Mertasari Pura Street, Sunset Road, a very strategic relationship between Sanur, Seminyak and Kuta.

Hawaii a Club Bali Resort, Anyer, in Bulakan, Banten. No doubt for this hotel with great facilities and a water slide at the waterpark bucket like, your child will be happy to play with her parents.

Generally the friendly hotels facilities to the children visitor provides a variety of games ranging from a swimming pool, arena games, water park. Even with the type of room apartment suitable for children as well as support facilities other cooking.

(Source J Herfani, Ni Kadek Riyanti, travelKompas /Images holidayswithkids, Pradono)


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