Burned Durian at the Fruit Garden Mekarsari

Experience of visiting this park as a unique never-ending curiosity that is always inviting. Taman Buah Mekarsari (Fruit Garden Mekarsari) in Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java.

Garden area of ​​264 hectares of fruit has many offerings for visitors and tourists who are curious to try a variety of unique pieces, and perhaps never will be found outside or in the market though.

If you are like the durian fruit, would have to wonder with this menu, the burned durian or fuel durian. What makes it interesting?

Well if it wanted to try durian grilled flavor, there is a special thrill and definitely different to try durian fruit is often found in general. The manager of the park will provide some sort of explanation first, knowledge about the different types of durian in Indonesia. Also the characteristics of durian are ready to eat and so forth.

Here's the explanation submitted by the park manager, AF Margianasari, in this park there are 30 varieties of durian. We will find durian matahari (Bogor), durian ajimah (Bogor), durian sukarno (Bengkulu), durian lay (East Kalimantan), durian with no bulkhead (Lombok), durian sunan (Boyolali), durian monthong (Thailand), durian chanee, until the durian without thorns (Lombok).

Fruit Garden Mekarsari find this idea after one of their experts, Joko, introduced the "Durian Tour" in the park, he earned while in the wilderness of West Kalimantan forest, precisely in Sanggau. The Dayak tribe asked him to taste the burned durian.

Of course this is a unique fruit!

Durian is tied burned and are spaced from the first fire. Be careful when eating it because the skin is still hot durian. After a split durian too, do not immediately pick it up quickly. Wait let the temperature go down, and when it is warm, then eat!

Taste sweet, pungent smell of durian that does not smell anymore. It's different when you try durian flavor without burning, stinging because the scent was lost. Left behind a different taste sensation.

(Source Toni Harris, travelKompas /Image Kun Hadiyana)


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