Nini Thowok in "Kuwait World Travel Expo"

Through its involvement in various international events no doubt, when we realize the greatness of this one unique dancer. Nini Thowok this time performed in Kuwait, a grand tourism event.

Nini Thowok always stunning and this time he proved the visitors back in front of the event, Kuwait Travel Expo 2012. As quoted from the news contained on the oaseKompas site that takes from the news press release of the Indonesian embassy, "The appearance of Didi Nini Thowok amaze the visitors with the dance "Dwimuka Jali Medley" in Kuwait's largest tourism exhibition."

The exhibition that was held for three days on 14-16 May 2012 was followed by a number of countries. The best opportunity for the islands in Southeast Asia, Indonesia introduced a tourist who is also getting heavily promoted to the various regions.

Included in this promotional event, participation Thowok Nini also in Tourism Promotion and Cultural Night at JW Marriott Hotel on May 15 attended by travel agents and tour players, and local media coverage includes English-language newspaper, Kuwait Times.

The best momentum for tourists from Kuwait to know more about Indonesia, especially before the summer break in June to August. Indonesia as a tourist destination? Worth a shot, right?

(Various sources Pandeirot HG, ANT, oaseKompas /Images KWTE,


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