Outbounds traveling with the little kids

Holiday arrives and there must be something different at home, isn't it? Yes, children's voices will dominate the entire contents of the house, be prepared to deal with it. Children are always special to the world that they imagine.

What if your little child asked to get together with a fun filled holiday? It must have been! Children of school age are very pleased to fill the holiday with a tour with their parents, they waited.

Something different while on vacation, try to take the little adventure into the wild and will be valuable experience if your child early on is close to nature, trekking, wildlife monitoring, swimming in a small cascade, beaches, hiking to spend the night in tents. Of fun, right...

Do not jump off, prepare the following, according to the advice quoted from a travelKompas site.

Health records. It is necessary to look at health records of children, especially toddlers. This corresponds to a selected destination where and how to act if the parents of children in emergencies. Respiratory diseases, asthma, not to be invited to a valve or too cold to do trekking, and physically draining on the disease can recur at certain times.

Fun Plan. Make presentation about the travel plans. Provide an overview of the location, such as streams and puddles, walking in the forest, see the animals, and spend the night in tents. Children usually fussy when it was new and unfamiliar location. Moreover, sleeping in a tent, well... It would be surprising for them! Prepare carefully.

Destinations. The wild have unpredictable weather, climate is changing rapidly, quickly turned overcast hot or vice versa.. Even in the mountains for example, the temperature remains cool despite the hot sun sting. Prepare the children would like this situation. Perhaps the first way was chosen locations that are not too extreme, so does the selection of trekking routes are not too far away.

Appliances. If we choose a location that has been managed by a particular management, would not have to worry, because the management will provide it.

But standard equipment shall be provided, for example a tent, a carrier or backpack, poncho adults and children, baby carrier, water bag, mat, medicines, warm clothing and enough cold, mountain boots, lighting equipment and cooking equipment.

It was a special experience for the child with their parents, the child will exercise indirectly, they will learn with nature to build character.

(Sources L Panjaitan, F Hidayat, travelKompas /Images F Hinderis, Muljati Hidajat)


  1. Its necessary to travel for trekking along with medic-kit. I released this idea when I was on trekking trip in Pakistan.


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