Ride the surf of G-Land, Plengkung Beach...

The surfing fans may have no doubt about the waves on the beach, very high, so they say. The road to this beach really needs its own struggle, the terrain is quite difficult and challenging.

Route to the Plengkung Beach often called G-Land, can choose the nearest lane about a half hour, for example, crossing from the Port of Gilimanuk, Bali, arriving at the Port of Ketapang, Banyuwangi, East Java. Then be prepared to travel for about three hours to the beach of Grajagan and beach of Trianggulasi which is the boundary between a residential area with a forest area.

Struggle a little longer, the forests on either side of the road, 15 minutes across to the Plengkung beach and soon in Alas Purwo National Park area. You will deal with fatigue, but all will pay off, the beautiful scenery there!

Typical warmth atmosphere of the beach and see the unique of its natural wealth, starfish, sea shells or the occasional heron sunning on the rocks.

If interested for longer, do not worry about where to stay, rent a house around Rp 250 thousand, or rent a room of about Rp 90 thousand. Surfing enthusiasts from overseas, generally prefers renting camp.

Celebrate when you are aiming to enjoy the waves at the Plengkung beach, for sure! Feelings of control hearts, can not wait to ride the waves lined, rolling reels. Forget Hawaii or the beaches in Australia to try to break the vicious waves. Challenging the waves as if summoned, the waves reaching 6 meter in the formation of compound 7 waves.

Some suggestions from visitors who have been there first spot to enjoy the waves, like Kong, money tree, fan tgree, speedy, and tiger tracks each with a unique taste and passion.

You will be amazed by all, surfing fans who surf along the waves, relax on white sandy beaches, around the forests siege to this place called "heaven of silence", with birds singing, joking forest animals, and rustling leaves friction.

(Various sources Tri Budi, SY Cahyaningrum, travelKompas /Images Tri Budi on kompasiana, eastjavadotcom)


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