Let's try Talua Tea

A town in West Sumatra has a unique addition to the beautiful nature is also a special culinary, tents lined the sidewalk inn offer a variety of dishes to the visitors. Options menu is typical of the little town, Bukittinggi, like soup, satay, until the rice with rendang.

If you want to try a unique, let us look for talua tea, talua in local languages ​​is an egg. Yes, drink tea with the basic ingredients of eggs. How can it be and what it's like? Talua tea beverage is one of those typical "Minangkabau" (call for local residents).

Chicken egg yolk or raw duck eggs whipped with a mixer until frothy, then shaken, eggs, sugar is added.

Which has been beaten egg yolk and mix it into the tea was brewed in a glass of hot water until thick. The mixture was stirred and caused the foam floating on the surface. It looks like cappucinno, while it feels like a tea attraction.

There was no fishy smell at all, especially when added to lemon juice. Foam also gives its own pleasure. In addition, it feels soft and sweet at the same time gives warm to the body.

That's the life and a night on that little town, visitors in the evening would be willing to dine and enjoy the outdoors under a tent, in the vicinity of Jalan Ahmad Yani from the afternoon until the evening.

Do not hesitate to enjoy the passing of the night, if necessary, until morning. Wow!

(Various sources Rudy Aff, Herfin Prakasa, CetakKompas /Images H Chairavin, facebook pages)


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