Switzerland as a preferred tourist destination of the world

An article drawn from the data compilation of the tourism sector in 139 countries throughout the year 2011 at the World Economic Forum (WEF 2012) to a major media in Indonesia, "Kompas", June 1, 2012 gives an overview of the world preferred tourist destination.

Switzerland is known as an orderly and safe country, always popular with tourists the world and be the first choice. Meanwhile, for the region of Southeast Asia, Singapore ranks first followed by Malaysia and Thailand.

Tourists around the world seem to have long studied the attractions that tend to like, a basic selection criteria. 14 factors that serve as the basis for the ranking, such as policies and regulations, environmental sustainability, safety and security, health and hygiene, the strength of the tourism industry, the existence of network airlines, ground transportation fleet, tourism infrastructure, the Internet, price competitiveness, service workers, cultural performances, and natural beauty.

Countries in Southeast Asia would prepare themselves in competition for the presence of tourists in their own country, such as Singapore which are able to occupy the top 10 tourist destinations of the world.

Does not mean the countries in the southern hemisphere is being forgotten, although their ranking in world tourism is quite far down, for example, Malaysia was ranked 35th, Thailand (41), Brunei (67), Indonesia (74), Vietnam ( 80), Philippines (94), and Cambodia (109), lagging far behind.

Many constraints in these countries, it does not mean not worth a visit. Promotion and improvement of infrastructure gradually will improve rankings of these countries.

However, ratings can be deceiving in the fact that there is a tourist destination. Indonesia, for example, is rich in ancient traditions, cuisine, exotic beaches. Having known this country to be a lot of wonders waiting.

(Source Tony Firmansyah, S Saragih, travelKompas, WEF /Images Agus Pramudya T, Setiadi Darmawan)


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