Ondel-ondel present in Jakarta's anniversary

Jakarta is the city that has tremendous bustle, you will be really surprised to see the splendor, the traffic jam that can never stop, a lot of resentment there. Amazingly, people still love this city in the midst of the frenzied atmosphere. That Jakarta is always saving the unspeakable charm.

Today the 485 city's anniversary, June 22, 2012, is quite old as the ages, but save a lot of problems at the same time appeal to ever go there.

Look at an annual event that enliven his birthday, the lively exhibition Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ-2012) or Jakarta Fair 2012 looks festive at night ahead of its anniversary celebration on Friday night.

Is not complete when you see that look vibrant celebration of this, the presence of Ondel-ondel in PRJ-2012 create an atmosphere that gives the typical color for visitors, the Betawi Ondel-ondel dancing with his partner, red ondel-ondel and white ondel-ondel as the female couple. They danced accompanied by a set of Betawi gamelan drumming. Look at the traditional Betawi music, Gendong, Tepak, Gendang Kempul, Kenong Kemong, Gong, Tehyan, Krecek and trumpet with a variety of fun joking tone.

Betawi Ondel-ondel is a form of Betawi people (native Jakarta) performance that is often featured in popular festivities, a large doll that is about 3 meters in diameter around 100 cm, made of woven bamboo, which is prepared in such a way so easily borne from it.

Maybe not anymore new stuff for the people living in Jakarta, unique and vibrant make always the center of attention especially at certain times such as mid-year anniversary approaching the city.

Visitors participate in the dance arena, dancing without shame and invites the audience in attendance to join dance together, accompanied by festive fireworks boomed, making the fair arena visitors more passionate dance together there. Pair of Ondel-ondel seemed to cast a charm for all visitors, beautiful attractions of a cultural icon of Betawi, all laughing merrily while traveling in every booth who participated in this event PRJ 2012.

Like the other cities in the world with their uniqueness, Jakarta did hold a charm, there is always a hassle, but also be loved by its residents. For sure!

(Various sources /Images D Sulistyo, E Priyatna)


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