The fun history tours in Jakarta!

Jakarta? Yes there are many places worth a visit if you are in the capital of this country. More than a hundred sites of cultural heritage. Prepare a fresh body and fit when intending to visit these places. It must be exciting!

When the opportunity came, and you have the time, a city rich in history and full of old buildings full of historical value. No need to be surprised sometimes you will see the building is not well preserved, but its historical value worth considering.

The grand old city, but in the miraculous site managers seem to have missed being properly cared for, hopefully these sites are still visible there can be long lasting.

Do not worry, there are many viable and representative sites, beautiful architecture like in its heyday.

The house of Pitung. Its location in the Village Marunda, Cilincing, North Jakarta. Pitung itself was considered champion of colonial Dutch opponents. He is seen as a defender of the little people of Betawi.

Pitung house to take advantage of its hiding place, the wooden houses on stilts also has its own story.

Syahbandar Tower. Regions of interest to establish fotrografi hobby, building a stunning angled like Tower of Pisa in Italy. Try to squeeze in there, and went up into the top three floors of the tower building. Beautiful scenery in the distance and looks bluish sea in the port of Sunda Kelapa exotic ambiance in the colonial days of yore.

VOC Shipyard. Imposing building from the outside with the VOC logo are challenging the eye. Dutch colonial heritage of ancient buildings that have been changed into a restaurant.

Dock for small boats, and once the coffee mill. In the past, this place is very busy with all aktivitras shipyard workers, great!

Diamond City Hanging Bridge. This bridge was already not functioning anymore, come in the afternoon. As the sun started to come down and give a tinge of orange color in the sky, you'll see the beauty and charm of a red brick bridge.

When used in the past, the bridge is functioning mechanically up and down when there are ships that pass. The bridge is made of wood it did look dashing. Past the dazzling eyes at the thought of the boats carrying passengers pass through, like Venice in Italy.

Chandranaya Building. Beginning of the ancient buildings of the 19th century by Khouw Tian Sek will be retained until now, among the tall buildings in Jakarta's business district. Architecture is a blend of Chinese and Dutch.

Jakarta Art Building. A place used as a spectacle of various art performances, theater performances to ballet in this building.

This building is going to dazzle you with show room area, red chairs lined up neatly. Part of a broader and higher stage. Then the pillars of stately high-nan. Beautiful Dutch colonial period when gentlemen and ladies and the Netherlands gathered to watch the show.

Jakarta, Jakarta, all beautiful in the past.

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(Source Ni Luh M Pertiwi, travelKompas /Images Prima Widi Hatmi)


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