The journey to Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung are being discussed for the tourist as the new destination, of course, lots of interesting things and is very suitable as travel destinations.

Many ways to achieve this tourist area, but refers to information that has been propagated by local governments as well as some travel sites, such sites are reviewed by travelKompas journalists this month.

Departure of the Aircraft. Destination airport is Amir Depati Airport in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Island and HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport in Tanjung Pandan, Belitung Island.

Route from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang. 1. Airlines. Sriwijaya, Lion Air, Garuda, Merpati, Batavia, and Aviastar. 15 times the daily flights.
2. Alternative routes, either through Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang, Batam, or Bandar Lampung.
3. Ticket prices. Starting from Rp 300,000.
4. Note the times of peak season, because the ticket prices can rise sharply.

Suggestions for visits. When you want to arrange a trip to this tourist area, try to visit the two islands, each island has a superior tourist property. History and culinary enthusiasts can be found in the Bangka Island, while in the Belitung Island are rich in marine tourism.

You can catch a flight from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Island, then across to the island by plane Sky Aviation to Belitung Island about half an hour with a ticket for Rp 400 thousand.

Are there any alternatives other than a plane flying into the Pacific Islands? Sure, you could use a fast boat (jetfoil) KM Marine Express for 4-5 hours through the Port Pangkalbalam, every day at 14.00 hour local time for Rp 200,000 VIP class, other classes would be cheaper.

On-site transportation. 1. Use the rental vehicle, public bus or bemo.
2. Rent a car or motorbike taxi (ojek – local people).
3. Avanza mobile is also available for rent to tourists, amounting to Rp 350 thousand per day.
4. Rent a motorcycle taxi with a fare of Rp 60 thousand per day.
5. Always try to get information from a brochure provided by the local travel agent about rental places of transportation.
6. When you've got the certainty of your hotel stay, information is also available there.

With the famous growing tourist destination in this island region, do not be surprised if over the weekend to attempt harder to obtain adequate transportation. Order from a long day, so that your trip to be fun!

(Source and compiled from travelKompas /Images A Yuniarko, M Tjandra)


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